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The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Kidney Patients’ Association (QEHKPA)

To read about the New proposals for Patient Transport. Go to our NEWS page

Across the West Midlands there are about a quarter of a million people with kidney disease. Kidney disease can be physically and emotionally demanding and can have effects on work, relationships, family life and problems associated with finances.

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) is the largest provider of kidney care in the West Midlands.

The Renal Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham provide treatment for patients with early stages of kidney disease, advanced kidney disease, dialysis, transplantation, end of life care and acute kidney injury.

Many patients receive their dialysis treatment in one of the satellite units at Hereford, Aston, Great Bridge, City Hospital, Kings Norton, Sparkhill, Kidderminster, Worcester Llandrindon-Wells, and Woodgate Valley which are supervised by the kidney healthcare team at UHB.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kidney Patients’ Association (often called the Q.E.H.K.P.A.) offers support to help patients, their families, carers and friends.

About us

Our KPA is a registered charity that was started in 1981 to:

• Provide support to kidney patients of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, their families and carers.

• Raise public awareness of kidney problems.

What are our aims?

The Q.E.H.K.P.A. aims to:

• Help and support all kidney patients, their families and carers treated by U.H.B..

• Improve kidney services by working closely with staff within the local units.

• Raise funds to help improve the patients’ experience.

• Provide information on our web site www.kidneymatters.co.uk and through our newsletter ‘Kidney Matters’ to patients undergoing treatment.

• Support the NHS organ donor register.

Our activities

We raise funds to support a variety of projects. These include:

• Supporting social activities including outings and holidays.

• Producing a regular newsletter.

• Buying equipment for kidney patients to use whilst in hospital.

• Supporting kidney research at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The Q.E.H.K.P.A. relies on the generous financial support of the public to continue its’ activities.

K.P.A. Meetings

There are regular Q.E.H.K.P.A. meetings which take place at 19.30 on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in The Faith Centre on the First Floor in the Atrium of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Everyone is welcome to come along.

Please phone a member of the committee to check that we have not changed the meeting date.

How to get involved?

You can help in a number of different ways by:

• Becoming active in the Q.E.H.K.P.A.

• Helping with the social activities and monthly meetings.

• Supporting the planning and staging of fundraising events.

• Making a donation.

• Having your own fundraising event for us.

If you want more information please see the Q.E.H.K.P.A. contact details at the end of the leaflet. Alternatively please speak to one of your kidney nurses.

Where can I find further sources of information?

Further information can be obtained from:

• Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham KPA website www.kidneymatters.co.uk. On our Web site we have all the Patient Information leaflets published by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to view or download. These also include Dietary information supplied by the Renal Dietitians. All leaflets are approved by the hospital.

• The British Kidney Patient Association – is a UK charity that works to improve the quality of life for adults and children with chronic kidney disease and has funding available through your Hospital/Unit social worker. www.britishkidney-pa.co.uk

• Kidney Research UK – . www.kidneyresearchuk.org

• NHS Blood and Transplant- www.nhsbt.nhs.uk

• West Midlands Renal Network plans and oversees the development of renal services along the entire renal pathway. www.wmrn.co.uk

• A wide range of patient information leaflets and fact sheets are available through the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust website and can be accessed via www.uhb.nhs.uk/pi-renal.htm

• Patient information on the Q.E.H.K.P.A. Web site www.kidneymatters.co.uk

Renal Unit
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Mindelsohn Way,
Birmingham, B15 2WB
Telephone: 0121 371 2000

Local News

Patient Transport -Update
Patient Transport– update

The K.P.A. is continuing its involvement with the commissioners regarding the new proposed Patient Transport Contract which will be introduced next year. It is hoped that some of the new proposals will be introduced sooner. We are working hard to insure that renal patients’ needs will be met in the future and that transport for them will improve.

The new proposals are looking good. Patient collection times for inward and outward journeys will be within NICE guide lines. No more than 30 minutes waiting. Text/email/phone messages to be sent to patients when the transport is 15 minutes away from collecting you from home. Options to use other methods of transport ie taxi or community transport are being looked into. Promote the use of the Healthcare Cost Travel Scheme (HTCS) where some patients on benefit can claim the costs of providing their own transport to and from treatment.

We are optimistic that the new proposals will meet the needs of all the patients who need to have patient transport.

CCGs are keen to hear views from patients about accessing the HealthCare Travel Costs Scheme which provides assistance to people on low incomes. Eligible patients can qualify for on the day reimbursement or make a postal claim.

Have your say. Go to:- https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ZNK8WZT

You can go to the link to fill in the questionnaire. Just Click here

The K.P.A. meet every month in the
Faith Centre at the
Queen Elizabet Hospital
7.30 pm
All renal patients, their families or friends are all very welcome.
The next meeting will be on 21st September 2016.
We endeavour to meet on the 2nd Wednesday each month, some times we do have to change the date
so please phone the number below to check that the meeting is still on, as we would do sometimes chage the date.
The number to call 07720597468

Festrive Food and Drink for Christmas
Do not forget to look on the Dietary information for details of
Festive Foods and Drinks.
There is also a Christmas Cake recipe for those on dialysis.
All the information is provided by
The Renal Dietitians at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Red Silicon Wrist Bands
The Q.E.H.K.P.A. has organised free Red Silicon Wrist Bands for Q.E. dialysis patients. These are available from your dialysis unit. If you prefer, you can order one direct from the K.P.A. but you will need to send a 73p Stamped self addressed envelope to the address below and stating what you require.
They come in two types:-
followed by:-
+No BP Testing / Needles + Q.E.H.K.P.A.
There are 3 sizes:-
Left arm 190mm, 200mm. 210mm.
Right arm sizes 200mm and 210mm

As a guide to help choose, if you cut out a strip of paper the length of the above sizes and wrap it round your wrist you can pick the size that fits best. The bands do stretch so they don't have to be bigger to go over your hand. . These are FREE to Q.E. Patients. If renal patients from other hospitals wish to purchase these they will cost £2.00 each plus 73p postage.
We are able to do this due to the generosity of all those who support our fundraising.

Send Stamped address envelope with a 73p stamp please to -
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kidney Patients' Association
c/o Nick Flint
9 Brookhouse Road

K.P.A. Annual Draw 2015 Raised £3600
The Annual Christmas Draw took place at the K.P.A. meeting on Wednesday 13th January. We were pleased to have a visit from Prof Paul Cockwell and Mary Dutton from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital who very kindly drew the winning tickets. All the winners have been notified and are listed below.

We congratulate all the lucky winners and thank all those who very generously supported us again this year.

We raised £3608 from the sale of tickets and generous donation.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the very many patients, relatives and friends who gave additional donations included with their Raffle tickets, both small and large.
They are too numerous to acknowledge individually, but we thank you all for your generosity and kind thoughts.

K.P.A. Grand Annual Draw Winners. Drawn 13th January 2016
Winners nameTicket noPrizeWinners nameTicket no.Prize
B.Davies 24018£300M.Brotherton23692£25
D.Maycroft25882£150S. Patel22639£10
J.Smith17268£75B.Brooks 05860£10
R.Bhatt16668£25S.Smith 08465£10
T.Osbourne22233£25J.Duggan 02090£10
M. McAuliffe05934£25F.Collins00136£10

The winning tickets were drawn by Prof. Paul Cockwell and Mary Dutton at the
K.P.A. meeting on 13th January 2016.
All the winners have been notified.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who very generously supported
the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kidney Patients' Association.
We also thank all those who included additional donations. There were too many to mention or acknowledge individually, but please accept our sincere appreciation and thanks.

Kidney Matters the News letter for Renal Patients at the Queen Elizabeth
Kidney Matters is the newsletter for the K.P.A. and is sent to all renal patients on C.A.P.D.or haemodialysis, transplant and pre dialysis, who are receiving treatment at the Q.E. or the satellite units.

The newsletter is paid for from the funds that the K.P.A. raise during the year. The purpose of KIDNEY MATTERS is to keep patients and carers informed as to the work of the K.P.A., provide information to patients on different topics, which we hope will be of interest and to provide a link for patients who may feel very isolated due to their condition.

We would welcome your comments and ideas on how we may expand and improve on this and continue to help the 2300 plus patients with renal problems treated at the Q.E.

If anyone would like to contribute an article to the newsletter or the web page. It could be about how you organised a holiday, Ideas on dealing with the condition of renal failure, coping with going back to work, success stories about receiving transplants, and how it changed your life. This would give hope to others who may feel very low at times and that the future looks bleak.

If you send your thoughts to the Editor the address is on the back page of the news letter or on the contacts page, we will include them in future editions.

The Newsletter is posted to all patients three times a year.

Copies are in each of the dialysis units: Aston, Great Bridge, Hereford, Kings Norton, Sparkhill, Woodgate Valley, Worcester, Kidderminster, LLandrindod Wells and the R.D.U. at the Q.E. for patients to collect.
PLEASE look out for them.
Thanks for your support.

K.P.A. Supports Renal Reasearch with £23000
Because of the very generous and continuing support that the Q.E.H.K.P.A. receives from kidney patients, friends, relatives and carers of patients and the public in fundraising we are very pleased to be able to support a renal research project being undertaken at the Q.E. This project will have a direct benefit to the renal patients treated by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and also involve the patients here.

The Research Project is led by Mr Nick Inston Consultant Renal Surgeon, who is looking at new ways to access patients’ blood vessels for dialysis treatment. Mr Inston said: “Kidney disease patients who are on dialysis require access to the blood vessels multiple times a week and this causes the vessels to scar and narrow. This research is looking at ways to improve the success and longevity of vascular access for patients.”

“With the generous support of the K.P.A., the Q.E.H.B. Vascular Access Research Group is leading research in this area. This current project is aimed at using a simple drug to open up the veins after surgery and increase the blood flow to enable more successful outcomes and better dialysis.”

Mr Inston added: “I’d like to thank the KPA supporters for their generosity. It’s a fantastic sum of money which will have a direct positive impact on renal patient care.”

Wifi on ward 301
Wifi has arrived for dialysis patients on Ward 301
Wifi is now available for dialysis patients on word 301.
This is a free to use service for patients.
This service is being funded jointly by the K.P.A. and U.H.B. Charities.

Hope you enjoy using the service.

K.P.A. Tombola and collection at Sainsbury’s
Thank you to Sainsbury's customers for generously supporting our Tombola and collection at the Walsall store July this year. We raised over £500. Thanks also to Sainsbury's for allowing us to fundraise there.
We will be back 0n November 29th and if any of our K.P.A. supporters can help by joining us for an hour or two please ring a Committee member.
Thanks to all those who helped with the collection on the day. Special thanks to Dawn's Mum who helped with all the prizes.
If anyone would like to help please contact a member of the committee.

World Kidney Day 10th March 2016
World Kidney Day
Next year it is on Thursday 10th March 2016.
The K.P.A. together with the renal unit at U.H.B., will be having a display in the Atrium of the Q.E.
There will be patient information and details about the K.P.A.
So if you are in clinic on 10th March or on a ward or visiting a relative or friend, why not pop in, have a look and meet us.
Look forward to seeing you all on 10th March

New Patient Information from the Q.E.
If you go to the new section "patient information" you will find a list of patient information leaflets. These have been produced by the Hospital they are free to download or you can obtain copies of them from the renal unit. There are more to come covering C.A.P.D., Medication, Pregnany and Kidney Problems.

Peer Support for Renal Patients
The Hospital, under the supervision of Dr Day, has started a Peer Support Programme for renal patients. The aim is to help patient, who would like to talk to someone who has first-hand experience of renal issues topics such as starting dialysis, being on dialysis, what it’s like to do home dialysis, PD, transplantation or just to talk about being a renal patient.
The Peer Supporters are all renal Patients. They have been fully checked out by the Hospital and given training to help and will treat any conversation with the strictest of confidentiality.
If you would like to talk to someone, just ask your Doctor next time you go to clinic or your dialysis unit, and they will organise it for you.

The Peer Supporters are there to help you and your family and carers.

There is more information about Peer Support and how to contact a Peer Supporter.

Down load the information on the 'Patient Information' section of this web site.

The K.P.A. would welcome more support from patients or carers
The K.P.A. has supported renal patients and the Hospital for over 35 years and it is hoped that this support can continue for many years to come, but we need more support from patients and/or families to enable us to offer ongoing help.
We meet at the Q.E. Hospital on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. There are over 2200 renal patients treated at the Q.E. and we only have at our meeting on average 15 to 20 people attending. So if anyone thinks they might like to help in any way, please consider contacting any of the committee members or just turn up on the night. You will receive a warm welcome and you won’t be pressured into doing anything. Any help will be very much appreciated.
We understand that you are all renal patients and it is sometimes difficult to deal with everyday things without volunteering for something else, but we are all renal patients and carers, so we know the problems.
I hope you will think about the K.P.A. and try to come along and meet us.

Look forward to seeing you.

Nick Flint Chairman

Woodgate goes to Weston
weston On a fine and sunny day 52 Patients and carers set off for a day at Weston-super-mare. It was a very enjoyable outing and everyone had a good time.
Even the tide was in when we got there. A first for most of us visiting Weston, reported Dave Davies. It was particularly good as some of the patients find it very difficult to go on outings on their own, but to go with a party of friends and patients and to be supported by staff is very reassuring.
Everyone is looking forward to the next trip which is to see the Blackpool Illuminations.

Woodgate Valley Dialysis Unit.

Flu vaccinations
From The Renal Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.
For the attention of all Renal Patients.
It is safe for all patients with kidney disease/dialysis or transplants to receive both flu injections.
Please Contact your G.P.

The UK swine flu vaccination programme is getting under way.
The first wave of immunisations will be given to a number of priority groups. As you fall into one of the priority groups we are recommending that you have both the seasonal flu and the swine flu vaccination. Both vaccines have been carefully tested and are safe. We do not expect any additional problems for patients who are have advanced chronic kidney disease, those treated by dialysis or those people who have received a kidney transplant.
Your GP has supplies of the vaccine and will be able to provide you with both vaccinations. Please contact your GP's surgery to arrange a convenient appointment in the near future.

Dr Graham Lipkin
Consultant Nephrologist